About Omstar

Our History

Omstar formed in 1986 when Richard Skaggs, Omstar President, and Dr. Morton Fainman, PhD teamed together. Dr. Fainman was a synthetic ester chemist for fuels in WW II, and was also the Director of Research for Standard Oil of Ohio. Omstar received US Patent # 4920691 for D-1280X (now DX1) in 1990. DX1 additives have been tested in automobiles, trucks, buses, generators, ships, trains, and open-flame furnaces and boilers. Our biggest test was for 4 years and 4,000,000 miles for 30 LAX airport shuttle buses, reducing smoke/hydrocarbons by 87%.

Business Profile


Omstar Environmental Products DX1 develops and manufactures performance-enhancing additives for fuels. The company started business in 1986 as “Omstar D-1280X, Inc.” and has been incorporated since 1989.

Our Vision

Assist the world in reducing harmful emissions, while improving the performance of all hydrocarbon-fueled systems.


Roberta Skaggs, CEO. Roberta has been the CEO of Omstar since 1989, leading the company’s corporate planning while maintaining a focus on achieving Omstar’s goals and objectives. She manages the company at the USA headquarters in Los Angeles Harbor, California. She worked for 25 years as a senior administrator at Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center in Harbor City California, experienced in Federal and California regulations for labor relations, wage and salary administration, contracts, and sales management.

Richard Skaggs, President. Richard is a former United States Marine Corp air wing plane captain. He has more than 35 years’ experience working environmental issues, including an 8-year term as a member of the California State Inspection Maintenance and Review Committee, and as a member of the Environmental Task Force on the American Legislative Exchange Council, Wash D.C. Richard was a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE J1667 Committee that developed the snap acceleration test procedure and diesel smoke opacity meter equipment standards. He is a past Chairman of the Environmental Committee of the California Bus Association, and of the United Motor Coach Owners of America. He was awarded the “Private Sector Member of the Year” by the American Legislative Exchange Council for his achievements in the environmental field. Richard is also President of CalTest Instruments, Inc., manufacturer of diesel smoke opacity meters.

Howard Sargent, CFO and Chief Engineer. Howard is a graduate of West Point and a retired Army Corps of Engineers Colonel. He was an associate professor of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics at West Point with graduate degrees in engineering from Cal Tech and in business from George Washington University. Overseas duty included Germany, Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Vietnam. He was VP, corporate planning for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in New York, and a key member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J1667 committee from 1992 to 2002 where he played a leading role in designing the procedures, protocols, and standards in development of the SAE J1667 Snap Acceleration test and smoke opacity meter equipment specifications currently used to regulate heavy-duty vehicle inspection programs throughout the United States.

Chris Sargent, EVP and Senior Engineer. Chris is a retired US Army Colonel, West Point graduate, and now Executive VP for Omstar, responsible for strategic planning and engineering. He has an M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. He has lived 12 years in foreign countries including Japan, Germany, Korea, Bosnia, and Saudi Arabia. Former Blackhawk helicopter instructor pilot, Army Ranger, senior parachutist/Jumpmaster and FAA commercial pilot. Former Director, Center for Army Leadership, Aviation brigade commander, and Special Operations logistics Research & Development chief.

George Paskalov, Consultant. George is a graduate of Technical University, St.-Petersburg, with a PhD in Plasma Physics, and is the CEO of his own company Plasma Microsystems LLC. He speaks several languages, to include Russian, Bulgarian, and English, and loves to travel. George has excellent program management skills, as well as technical expertise in many forms of plasma technology, to include: the design and construction of RF and Arc plasma torches and reactors; plasma spray processing; metallic and ceramic sprayed coatings; material processing; hazardous waste treatment; ore processing; plasma water and plasma spray processing. He is superb at statistical design and analyses of experiments, and possesses an insatiable curiosity and desire to solve technical problems with the simplest and most cost-effective solutions.
James Stark, Consultant. Jim is a retired US Navy Admiral (2-star), and a senior advisor to the Navy office OPNAV N513. He is a graduate of Tufts University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, was the Commandant of the US Navy War College, and advises Omstar on strategic plans, the US Navy, and fuels.

Additional Details

  • S Corporation, Incorporated March 8, 1989
  • NAIC: 324191 Petroleum Lubricating Oil & Grease Manufacturing (US Government classification)
  • Products are manufactured under ISO9001:2008 (US Government quality classification)
  • We can produce up to 165,000 gallons of any additive per day (246,000 liters/day)
Omstar - in business for 30 years!