Omstar additives have been tested
over 4 million miles for economy,
emissions, and engine longevity.
  • Tested in automobiles, trucks, buses, generators, ships, trains, and open-flame furnaces and boilers
  • Biggest test was for 4 million miles, 30 LAX airport shuttle buses tested from 1988-1992
  • In every test we have saved fuel and significantly reduced emissions!
  • Currently testing in USA, Mexico, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Bulgaria (as of 2016)

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Future Testing

  • Because Omstar additives work with any hydrocarbon fuel, our next step is to test in coal furnaces/large power plants
  • A Coal test in China in 2014 with Omstar DX1 reduced SO2 by 20%, NOX by 30%, and Burnout 8%
  • An on-going test, as of April-June 2016, will provide mix ratios and answers to best methods of mixing DX1 with pulverized coal

What we expect for future coal furnace test in USA:

  • Reduced consumption of fuel
  • Reduced emissions
  • Validate results of test in China

Cost of Coal + Additive + Lowered Emissions = Improved Efficiency & Environment

Potential Testing Concepts


  • Fastest way to get results
  • Lowest variability, relatively easy data collection


  • Similar to generators – fast results, simple data collection
  • Data variability fluctuates according to production volume

Fuel Economy for Trucks

  • Most complex and time consuming
  • Recommend SAE J1321 testing protocol for most accurate results
Omstar additives are the best fuel additives in the World for the combined
qualities of fuel economy, reducing emissions, and extending engine life!